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        Edutors have experienced a sevenfold increase in violence since 2005. Elizabeth Mitchell writes about the connection to gender.
        Michelle Richardson writes how developing a mindfulness practice has helped her cope with adversity.


        Karen Brown
        We know that women, particularly those that are racialized and dealing with prerity in its different forms, bore the brunt of this pandemic.
        Sharon O'Halloran
        The summer issue of Voice is always our women’s issue. It is an opportunity to highlight women’s voices, consider the intersections of our struggles and to talk about the value and impact of ETFO’s women’s programs.
        Izida Zorde
        With the summer women’s issue of Voice, we recognize not only the important contributions of ETFO women members but also the differential impacts of the pandemic and all of the cuts from the Ford Conservative government on women and other marginalized groups.


        By Rashmee Karnad-Jani

        Rashmee Karnad-Jani explains how mothers and teachers n work together for equitable edutional outcomes for the students in their re.

        By ETFO Voice
        Voice in conversation with psychologist Dr. Natasha Williams.
        By Allison Ebanks

        Allison Ebanks considers strategies for empowering young women students in our classrooms and challenging the stereotypes that hinder them.